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Practice Field Locations

NARA Park:

25 Ledge Rock Way, Acton, MA

NARA Park is located in North Acton off Route 27.  It is a large facility with a beach, pond, amphitheater, and sport fields.  Parking at NARA can be difficult.  Please do not park along the road as the Police will ticket cars.  There is a great walking path around NARA park.  Parents, siblings, and dogs enjoy walking or taking a run during practice.

High School Lower Fields:

88 Hayward Road, Acton, MA

The High School Lower Fields out in the far fields of the High School and can be accessed from Hayward Road.  These are two turf fields.  There is a skateboard park adjacent to the fields.

Elm Street:

21 Elm Street, Acton, MA

Elm Street fields are located next to Douglas Elementary School.  These fields are used for practice during the school year.  Parking is somewhat limited, but just fine for dropping off and picking up.  There are tennis courts, basketball courts and a playground at this location which is great for parents and siblings.  This field is also located close to Idylwilde Farms.

Leary Field:

16 Charter Road, Acton, MA

Leary Field is behind RJ Grey Junior High. It is the football stadium for the High School.