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Leary Field Rules & Etiquette

Leary Field - "4 Simple Rules"

Acton Boxboro Pop Warner is fortunate to have use of the turf facility at ABRHS. As part of our agreement with the High Schools administration, we must make all visitors aware of the rules and regulations regarding Leary Field. Please forward this information on to your coaches, team parents and all spectators. Thank you for your help!

1. The Fence around the track at Leary Field

Only players, coaches, cheerleaders and volunteers that have a direct role in the game being played will be allowed inside the fence. All gates will be locked except for 1.) the entrance directly in front of the snack shack located at the 50 yard line and 2.) the gate closest to the scoreboard on the home field side (about the 15 yard line). Please use these gates to enter and exit the field. Please make sure your parents and spectators aware of this rule. Those that do not abide by this will be asked to leave the field and the game altogether.

2. Food and Drink inside the gates

Food and drink other than water and sports drinks (Gatorade, Powerade, etc.) are not allowed inside the gated area or anywhere near the field. This includes the following:

  • No coffee, soda, juice, or any glass containers of any kind
  • No sunflower seeds, chewing gum, or smokeless tobacco
  • No smoking or any tobacco products on school grounds
  • No alcohol is permitted anywhere on school grounds
On occasion, Cheerleaders will leave the field after their halftime routine to visit the snack shack. Please make sure that they know that they can not bring the food the purchased back onto the field.

3. Footwear on Leary Field and the surrounding track Normal cleats that are permitted by Pop Warner are allowed on the field turf surface. Sneakers are also permitted. No metal cleats or long spike track shoes are permitted on field surface. When crossing the track, please ask all players and coaches to walk on the rubber mats provided at the entrance and to stay off the track at all times.

4. Keep It Clean Leary Field is located within our regional school campus which requires many hands to maintain its cleanliness; please do your part to help by disposing of trash in the receptacles provided.

  • Clean up your area during your time at Leary Field.
  • Do not leave anything on or around the track and field.
  • Watch your language; conduct at Leary Field should be in the spirit of good sportsmanship.