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2018 Registration Guidelines

Registration is open for the month of April.

Pre-Season Attendance and Requirements


All players must attend all preseason practices. The preseason will begin on Monday, August 6, 2018. If a player misses more than two consecutive days for reasons other than illness, injury or family emergency/issues, that player could forfeit their position on that team and the position may be offered to the next player on the waiting list. Such decisions will be discussed with the parents, Head Coach and/or the President prior to any action being taken.

All football players are required to complete 10 hours of agilities during practice time prior to practicing in pads. Also, a player must complete 10 additional hours practicing in pads prior to scrimmaging against players from another team. These requirements are set forth by National Pop Warner.


All cheerleaders are required to attend all preseason practices. The preseason will begin on Tuesday, August 14, 2018.  To ensure safety, if a cheerleader misses more than two consecutive days for reasons other than illness, injury, or family emergency/issues, the placement within a stunt group (e.g. flyer, base) will be reconsidered by the Head Coach and Director.

Player Placement, Lottery and Wait List

All players that were on a roster at the end of the previous season are given first priority for a roster spot on a team.

Younger siblings of returning players will be given second priority for placement on a team. If the returning player decides not to play, the right to this priority for the sibling is given up and they will return to the new player pool.

Players/parents do not choose which team they will play on. These determinations will be made by the President, Registrar and Head Coaches.

All player designations will be made following the May weigh-in. Parents may be consulted by the HCs, Registrar or President on proper placement of the player. First priority will be given to child safety, then to space requirement, then to player preference. Ultimately, all rosters will be determined by the President. All decisions will be final.

All players must report to a mandatory weigh-in at Teamworks in Acton at a time and date to be determined during May.  This is not an official weigh-in, but is used to determine team placement. Players that do not attend the weigh-in could forfeit a roster spot.

Priority of placement

The following will apply to placement of players on rosters:

  1. Returning players
  2. Younger siblings of returning players
  3. Players that did not play last year but previously played in the program
  4. Players that remained on the wait list in the previous year
  5. New Players

New Player Lottery:

All new players that have registered by April 30th will be assigned a lottery number (numbers are drawn at a public location TBA and may be attended by parents and players). This lottery number will determine your childs priority of placement on a team. In the event that your child is not placed on a team due to capacity, he/she will be placed on a wait list for that team based on his/her lottery number. Players that register after the lottery has been conducted will be assigned the next highest lottery number in order as registrations are received until the pre-season begins.

Wait list:

The players that did not get placed on a team last year due to team capacity issues and remained on the wait-list will be given priority over new players. Designations of players to teams will be determined following the May weigh-in.

If your child is assigned to the waiting list, parents will be notified of their status and given updates of their position on the list throughout the summer leading up to the first day of practice.

Payment and Refunds

All payments for registration are due on August 1st.  If payment is not received by ABPW by August 1st, that player will forfeit their spot on the roster and a wait-list player will be called up. If there is a special financial concern, please contact Matt Rupley prior to August 1st to setup an alternate payment plan.

Refunds will be made available as follows:

  • Written/email notification of the player dropping out must be sent to the Registrar and Head Coach
  • Notification received before August 1st will receive a 100% refund
  • Notification received after August 1st and before final rosters are due to EMASS Pop Warner will receive a 50% refund
  • Notification received after final rosters are set will receive no refund
  • In the event that a sibling quits, the amount refunded will equal the amount for the second or third child.
  • If a child is injured prior to the beginning of the regular season and is unable to play for the remainder of the year, the fee will be credited to the following year.