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 2013-2014 All American Scholars

Acton-Boxboro Pop Warner is proud to announce that 35 student athletes have been recognized as All-American Scholars.  1701 total applications from across New England have been reviewed by New England Region Pop Warner and the 2013-2014 rankings are as follows:

New England Region Scholar Teams

8th Grade
Dylan Sweeney 1st Team
Michael Levinger 2nd Team
7th Grade
Noah Sweeney 1st Team
Chelsea Chang 2nd Team
Wil Clark 2nd Team
Jake Durkin 2nd Team
Carter Gambone 2nd Team
Melissa Jones 2nd Team
Austin Kittredge 2nd Team
TJ Mabardy 2nd Team
Finn Murray 2nd Team
Eric Raguin 2nd Team
Andrew Shen 2nd Team
Darren Stanton 2nd Team
Dylan Gambone Honorable Mention
Ethan Logue Honorable Mention
Neil Shah Honorable Mention
Malcolm Verrilli Honorable Mention
Jonas Wiechmann Honorable Mention
6th Grade
Tim DiPalo 2nd Team
Nicholas Douglas 2nd Team
Anthony Pittorino 2nd Team
Hayden Bischoff Honorable Mention
Erin McOsker Honorable Mention
Nick Pucillo Honorable Mention
Alyssa Washburn Honorable Mention
David Zhang Honorable Mention
5th Grade
Anthony Galletta 2nd Team
Abby Giaconia 2nd Team
Chloe Hamilton 2nd Team
Jed Hoggard 2nd Team
Tyler Martin 2nd Team
Alyson Politano 2nd Team
Graham Brady Honorable Mention
Gregg Dennison Honorable Mention

These athletes will be honored at the New England Scholar Weekend on March 14th and 15th at Gillette Stadium.

For more information, go to http://www.newenglandpopwarner.com/Scholastics/Scholastics_Overview.htm.

National rankings can be found at http://www.popwarner.com/scholastics/allamericanscholars/2014_AllAmerican_Scholars.htm.