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Fundraising Made Easy - help ABPW

Good afternoon everyone,

The new season is approaching us - can you believe it..... will be here before we all know it !!!

During the holiday season I had sent out a link to a great new way to help us raise funds for the upcoming season.

Honestly it is very easy - download the flipgive onto your toolbar and it lets you know when you visit a site they work with before you complete your purchases - a percentage of your purchase is sent to ABPW by the company you just visited.

No extra money out of your pocket !!!! 

I have tried it with Dick's Sporting goods, Nike.com and Under Armour - it has raised $5 so far.....


USA Football is affliated with hundreds of restaurants, hotels, clothing stores, etc...even when you purchase of gift card that helps us too.

All we need you to do is join our team and the rest happens all on its own.

I have to say I always forgot but having it on my toolbar it pops up to ask hey want to link this purchase - it also lets you know the % the store contributes.

I ask to please give it a try and help ABPW with new upcoming expenses.

Thank  you 

Carrie Mink

AB Registrar



by posted 04/05/2018

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